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My Story

That long-haired girl in the photograph at the top of this page? 

That's me! 

I grew up loving being Jewish. I was a songleader in camps and youth groups. I taught Jewish music in Religious Schools since I was 14 years old.  I built a Jewish home with my loving husband and two beautiful children. And I served as a cantor in a synagogue for 36 years. I went back to school for my Masters’ in Jewish Education in 2013 and I was ordained as a rabbi in May, 2018.

Today, I I am here for you to help you do Jewish.

Jewish Education

Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Jewish and Interfaith weddings


I serve Jewish individuals and families in the NYC area who want to do Jewish in their own way and want it to be personal, joyous, flexible and meaningful.

My Philosophy

For me, doing Jewish is awesome. It’s awesome in the home and in the synagogue. But it's also awesome in the park, with your sports team, in the choir, at camp, at college, in your first apartment, when you get married, and when you have children.


Doing Jewish enriches our lives. It can teach us how to feel grateful and provide moments of immense joy. It connects us to our family, our ancestors, and our Jewish story. Learning about being Jewish makes us not only more knowledgeable, but also wiser, kinder and more open minded. Doing Jewish things like singing and dancing on Shabbat makes us more joyful. Learning Hebrew as an adult can be a life-changing experience. Wedding and baby-namings should be magical and personal.


And all of this is what makes doing Jewish awesome.